Employee Experience Research & Insights

Research that drives improved employee engagement, therefore improving the customer experience

Teams that are engaged and empowered to do a job they enjoy, will naturally deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Do you have a clear understanding of your employees’ experience? Are they engaged? Empowered? Too often, companies are ineffective in their assessment of their employees’ experience. We work with you to properly and effectively evaluate your team and provide the guidance needed to improve their experience and results.

Did you know?

77% of employees agree a strong culture allows them to do their best work, 76% see the impact in productivity and efficiency, and another 74% draw a correlation between culture and their ability to serve their customer base. (Eagle Hill Consulting)
360CX partners with companies who understand that the path to CX begins with an extraordinary EX culture. These companies realize that building a highly functioning CX-focused team requires more than an annual employee satisfaction or engagement survey – it requires an open dialog, clear communication, and well-documented processes. 360CX partners with you to have these conversations, documenting areas of opportunity, highlighting areas of strength within the organization and providing you with the information you need to improve.

EX Research is available as:

  • Focus groups
  • Panels
  • One-on-one interviews
  • EX Performance surveys

An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 125 percent more productive than the satisfied staffer. (Bain & Company)

Invest in your company’s future by building a high-functioning and customer experience-focused workforce!