Employee Experience Consulting

(EX Consulting)

Employee experience (EX) defines your customer customer experience

We believe that EX = CX 

If your team is engaged and empowered to do a job they enjoy, then they will naturally deliver extraordinary customer experiences. 

Do you have a clear understanding of your employees’ experience? Too often, companies don’t make the time to have the real conversations with their employees that are needed to truly understand their experience. Or they simply rely on generic, one question employee satisfaction surveys that don’t provide a genuine read-out of their reality.   We provide the research and insights to properly evaluate the employee experience.


Did you know?

Organizations with an engaged workforce are 21% more profitable than those who do not (Gallup); these companies with engaged employees actively seek to measure and improve the employee experience.

360CX partners with companies who understand that to deliver extraordinary CX, they need to provide extraordinary EX. Our performance coaching, strategies and EX research engages your employees in your overall mission and core values. You will see immediate results in reduced employee turnover, improved customer experiences and increased profitability.
Disengaged employees cost companies between $450 and $550 billion dollars a year. (The Engagement Institute)